Resources for Teaching Simple Beginning Reading

Resources for Teaching Simple Beginning Reading

These resources are design to an accompany the Simple Beginning Reading for Kindergarten workbook. We are currently working on creating resources to add to this collection. Please keep checking back for updates, or subscribe below to receive notifications when we add new videos.

How To Teach a Reading Lesson

Watch as I teach two children their first reading lesson using Simple Beginning Reading for Kindergarten.


What are Sight Words, And Why are They Important

Understand the concept behind sight words and discover their immense value in teaching your children to read effectively.


How to Make and Use Sight Word Cards

In this video tutorial we will go over how you can make sight word cards at home. Additionally, we will go over how to effectively utilizing these cards in reading lessons with your child.


Get Our Free PDF “Sight Word Cards and Worksheets” and Stay Up-to-Date with Our Latest Resources!

This PDF resource is an excellent tool to help your child improve their reading skills and master essential sight words. We will keep you updated as we add more resources to accompany this curriculum.

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